10 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Cannabis

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When it comes to cannabis, how much do you know about it? With the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis in many states, cannabis shops, stores, and dispensaries are popping up much more frequently.

Today we're talking about the top ten most interesting things we know about cannabis. Thankfully the myths and propaganda are gradually fading as truths and new research shed light on this historically-maligned plant.

The good news is that people are starting to have a more informed understanding on cannabis and its associated benefits. Read on and find out the top ten things that everyone ought to know and discover more about the benefits of cannabis!

Becoming physically addicted to cannabis is a myth.

The "War on Drugs" brought the American population plenty of propaganda on pot, including the assertion that cannabis use will directly translate to addiction. Now we know that cannabis can be used daily without causing addiction or withdrawal. Many people use it for medical benefits. They are using cannabis to combat chemo side effects, cancer, multiple sclerosis, migraines, seizures, physical pain, anxiety, stress, and more. Addictive? Please.

Cannabis does not cause weight gain.

Users of cannabis have been found to have a lower BMI than those who do not consume it. It may even help the endocannabinoid system in our bodies gain homeostasis and even decrease the appetite of those who are overweight and work to boost it for individuals that are underweight.

Cannabis is not dangerous-- but other substances can be.

Many people rely on alcohol, drugs or prescription drugs to address or help treat medical, emotional, or mental health issues. However, many of these drugs also come with side effects that can be extremely worrisome when you start looking at the list of what is possible when taking them.

Cannabis does not have side effects in this same manner. It's one of the safest substances out there on every level. The side effects of cannabis are usually the actual intended effects, whether pain reduction, increased appetite, boosted mood, etc.

There is no history of anyone 'overdosing' on cannabis. There is no way to consume a fatal dose of cannabis. The same cannot be said for alcohol or harder drugs, and even prescription drugs.

The legalization of cannabis is allowing for treatment free of side effects, reducing prescription medication reliance.

Choice is important when it comes to medicine and treating what ails us. The western world all too often relies on pills and prescription medications to address certain conditions. However, legal cannabis provides a reliable and side-effect-free alternative for many to combat illness, giving people more options to pursue health and tackle ailments.

Not all cannabis forms have the "stoned" effect.

CBD is not psychoactive like THC can be and thus will not create that stoned effect. As CBD products have seen a rise in popularity, it's important to know that THC and CBD products are very different and CBD will not likely provide that same medicating experience that consuming products with THC will.

There are more ways of enjoying cannabis than simply smoking it.

Some people prefer not to smoke. The good news is that smoking is not the only way to consume cannabis. There are food products such as edibles in a variety of forms from butters to honey to sodas and seltzers and oils and more. There are also tinctures, topical applications, and even vaporizing pens or vaporizing products that may be more your speed.

Topical products with cannabinoids do not get users high.

Whether a salve, cream, or a lotion, these products absorb through the skin for relief of pain and provide treatment to a local area. They're growing in popularity with people suffering from arthritis as well as athletes and people of an advanced age. You cannot get stoned off these products but you may experience pain relief.

Your brain cells are not at risk from cannabis.

Propaganda and old news states that pot kills your brain. Wrong! Pure cannabis is actually good for your brain thanks to new research and studies where THC proved to help older mice grow back neurons and improve cognitive function. It could even help humans fight dementia and other side effects of aging, so it will be exciting to see what future research shows about that.

Different cannabinoids from different strains produce different effects.

A different strain provides different effects. An Indica variety may relax the body physically. A Sativa variety may lift you up and provide you with more energy. There are also hybrids and blends of the two that result in unique effects. Different plant phenotypes means different cannabinoids for a one of a kind experience with every different strain you try.

Cannabis provides a path to health.

Contrary to previous propaganda, cannabis is a path to health. Research continues to back this up. It turns out that this plant is helpful and not harmful. Millions of people now get to experience the healing effects of this compound and benefit from cannabis. After decades of cannabis being demonized, it's nice to see that this healing plant is getting its well-deserved moment in the sun and helping countless individuals find relief and heal.

Now that you know more about the benefits of cannabis, share your newfound information and this article with your friends! As always, happy cannabis consumption to all!