7 Snacks That Elevate Your High

Getting the munchies every time you get high sucks big time. First off, it messes with your normal dietary habits and increases the temptation to gulp down some unhealthy stuff. Secondly, eating certain high-carb foods can affect your high, leaving you feeling like a loser.

Still, the munchies are unavoidable so what to do?

We did some "research" on the topic and discovered a bunch of healthy treats that will not only leave your cannabis high intact, but also your waistline too! And the best part is, these snacks are easily available in the grocery store (and are probably in your fridge already!).

snacks for the munchies - stoner snacks


Coffee and cannabis go together like a pencil and paper. I mean, is there a better high than one where the spiritual soothe of cannabis is interspersed with a toe-tingling buzz; the type produced by coffee?

If you like a bit of adventure (and why not?), you can try to combine different strains of cannabis with different coffee roasts and see how the effects vary. As a pointer, you will get the best effect if you do it as a wake and bake plan.


Yeah, cannabis goes well with any caffeinated beverage, not just coffee. In this case, you are looking to combine the many antioxidants (primarily catechin) found in tea with the THC for a magical thrill. These antioxidants typically reinforce the relaxation of the brain's receptors that have already been chilled out by the weed with the result being a completely relaxed state of mind.


Chocolate, just like cannabis, is also classified as a mental stimulant in that it triggers the production of feel-good chemicals, courtesy of a compound ingredient called anandamide. The same compound is also found in cannabis, albeit in a smaller concentration.  Basically, pairing the two together creates a strong bliss-bomb that draws you into a euphoric abyss.


Kombucha is easily one of the healthiest beverages in the world. The 'booch is stacked with probiotics and antioxidants, which are said to be immune boosters and bacteria killers. Downing a glass or two of kombucha after having your weed will give you an elevated level of medicinal benefits, seeing as both substances have distinct healing capabilities.


Mango is a very common "escort" for weed with many stoners believing that eating mango after hitting a blunt will further enhance your high. Indeed, there is also some scientific proof to this effect. Mangoes are rich in myrcene terpenes which, just like cannabis, bind with your cannabis receptors when ingested. Consequently, the combination of the two substances creates an overload of bonds, which not only makes you higher but also keeps you so for longer. 

Sweet Potatoes

I know, I know. It's weird bringing up sweet potatoes, of all foods, when talking about prolonging the effects of cannabis. But, listen to this, sweet potatoes trigger the production of a compound (serotonin), whose production is also triggered by the cannabinoids in cannabis. Serotonin is a euphoric hormone and the higher its concentration, the sunnier your mood. So, next time you're having a sesh, don't forget to munch on a few sweet taters for an extra healthy high! 


To put it simply, broccoli is chock-full of beta caryophyllenes, which have strong anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects. The THC in weed always has a similar effect, which basically means if you pair the two, your body will rock in a good way.