All About Terp Pearls

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Terp pearls are not something that makes up a necklace in your grandmother's jewelry collection. They are actually an add-on dab accessory and have become very popular.

These miniature balls are called 'pearls' because of the natural resemblance. They may be small, but these spheres deliver big results.

They're not only going to help you have a functional dab, but cater to fans of low temperatures, preserving terpenes and imparting an incredible taste and experience along the way.

Are terp pearls, dab pearls and terp balls the same thing?

Terp pearls is a common name for these little balls, but they also go by the handles 'terp balls' or 'dab pearls'. No matter what you call them, they're smaller balls that begin spinning inside a banger while you are taking your dab.

These pearls work to disperse concentrates and distribute heat evenly to give you larger pulls that are smooth and endlessly enjoyable. The balls come in sizes that usually range from four to six m.m. in thickness. They are most frequently made out of ruby, quartz, or borosilicate glass.

What do I gain by using terp pearls?

Well, if you're interested in hits that are both large and packed with gorgeous flavor, these terp pearls may be able to help out with that. It's a must have accessory for many consumers for this simple reason.

Not only is it a great technique to employ, but the lower-temp dabs you are taking are going to be easier to get to so that you don't have to contend with a banger cooling down before the oil on it gets vaporized. Terp pearls also help by reducing the amount of residue puddles from unheated oil on the banger's bottom, leaving you with less waste and way more flavor.

How do I use terp pearls?

You can put these pearls in the banger after you heat it or before, but most users have the pearls inside the banger before heating it. Just put them in, heat it up, then let the banger cool down until it's at the temperature you want. Then just get the concentrates loaded up, place the carb cap securely on, and go ahead and dab, sending those small spheres into action for a great hit.

What do I do to keep the pearls clean?

Swab out terp pearls and a banger after each use with a cotton q-tip. You can use isopropyl alcohol to soak the pearls for up to an hour to deep clean them. Just make sure they've cooled all the way before doing so.

What carb cap do I use?

Use a carb cap that is compatible with your set up and the pearls you have to get things going for best use. Or use quartz insert dishes to maintain a clean banger while getting dabs that are still low-temp.

Final Thoughts

You can buy terp pearls online if you're interested in trying this accessory out. If you value a great-tasting dab that is going to deliver pure power but never leave extra on the cutting room floor, this might be the right accessory for you. Check terp pearls out, incorporate them into your set up, and see if they are right for you!