All About the Dr. Dabber SWITCH Dab Rig Vaporizer

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The Dr Dabber Switch is a real game-changer for e-rigs out there. Why? It is a hybrid device that allows you to switch your device from an electronic oil rig to a dry herb vaporizer with just a click of a button.

Pretty impressive, right? Well, there's more to this electronic rig other than its versatility. It's also known for its unique heating technology and speed and its unrivaled battery life. So, even if it comes off as a pricy e-rig, its features will show its worth in the long run. Read more about these fantastic features in detail down below.

Design and Features

The design of the Dr Dabber Switch Dab Rig is definitely chic. It comes in a gleaming hourglass design and is topped off with a gorgeous black satin cover.

Its modern design may seem intimidating to use, but the Dr Dabber Switch is actually simple to operate. As previously mentioned, you can use this device in two ways: in concentrates or dry herb mode. The left button on the device is for the dry herb mode, while the right button is for the oil or concentrate mode.

Just like any other e-rig, you can easily adjust the heating to your liking with the five heating presets this device offers, with each preset differentiated by its respective LED light colors. In addition, 25 preset temperatures come along with this device too.

In addition, the Dr Dabber Switch is also powered by a battery pack, making it portable and easy to store. You can easily carry this hard-hitting device anywhere with you as it comes in a storage case lined with padding where you can keep everything well-organized and protected, so you can dab wherever and whenever you want to.

Additionally, this electronic rig is designed with various protective measures. After all, the induction heating system has protective features created to ensure that your device's electric components won't suffer from mechanical failure due to leakage of any fluids.

Experience the Perks of Induction Heating

One thing that the Dr Dabber Switch boasts about is its incredible induction heating system. Compared to traditional heating systems that use convection and conduction, induction heating technology allows this rig to heat up in just a matter of seconds.

What makes the Dr Dabber Switch's induction heating amazing other than its speed, is its ability to produce even heating surface temperature. With evenly heated surfaces, each hit of yours is guaranteed to have consistency both in flavor and in vapor quality. So, not only is its induction heating quick, but it is also very efficient.

More importantly, another convenience of the induction design is that it no longer requires replaceable atomizers for this device. Considering that, you no longer have to bother about constantly replacing atomizers that wear out and break in your average e-rigs.

Battery Life

You can enjoy up to 150 sessions with a fully charged Dr Dabber. It also only takes up to sixty minutes to fully charge, compared to other rigs that might take longer to charge to full power. And with the added perk of pass-through charging, you can even use your device even as it charges, providing you with disruption-free sessions.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

This device is also very easy to clean and maintain. One of the other amazing things about this device is its self-cleaning feature. You can use the self-cleaning feature to remove all the remaining residue left onto the ceramic induction cup, which eliminates the hassle of getting rid of all those stubborn residues left after your sessions.

Customization and Accessories

The Dr Dabber Switch dab rig also offers a lot of customizations and upgrades. From the quartz induction cup, bubble carb cap, silicone base, and more, you have a variety of accessories to choose from to customize things to your preference and make your vape sessions even better. But even without all these, the Dr Dabber Switch Dab Rig itself is fantastic with all its features.

Wrapping Up

If you're looking for a versatile device that can vape both your favorite concentrates and herbs, then the Dr Dabber Switch offers the best of both worlds. On top of that, it also provides excellent heating speed, an efficient self-cleaning cycle, and exceptional battery life, which ensures that your vape sessions are enjoyable and uninterrupted.