Banger Styles and Sizes - Which One is For You?

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Dabbing has become increasingly popular the last few years. Most people who smoke started out with a simple hand pipe, moved to a bong and then graduated to dabbing. Of course different methods have different results. Bongs typically make large rips that are good for getting a quick high. Dabbing however…well, it gets you higher than a kite. 

Understanding the Banger

One of the most important dabbing accessories is the “nail,” often referred to simply as a “banger.” What exactly is a banger? Well, it’s a metal piece that once heated up (using either a torch or electric coil) can be used to start smoking.

A rig's joint will attach to the banger, and produce vapor through water filtration.

Bangers come in different varieties, styles and sizes. The style and sizes of a bangers affect the flavor, potency, temperature distribution and heat retention, in addition to durability.

While there is no preferred or perfect banger for everyone, it’s important to understand the primary banger styles and their benefits in order to make an informed decision when selecting one for your rig.

Banger Styles

There are different banger styles that every dabbing enthusiast should know. They include:

1. Thermal Banger

Thermal bangers are made from a type of metal that retains heat. If you love high-temp dabs, then a thermal banger is the choice for you. It can be heated up to a certain temperature, and will retain that heat for several minutes.

2. Flat Top

Flat top bangers are made from strong metals like titanium or quartz. Flat top bangers are ideal for people who want to carb their dabs. Carb is the process of heating up the banger so that vapor will start to rise, but getting rid of the cloudy exhale before taking a hit. This is great for people who like to take smaller dabs.

3. Angled

Angled bangers are best for people who would like to smoke in a group. These bangers feature an angled design that helps concentrates flow more easily, thus making it easy to pass the dabber around. Angled banger come in both titanium and quartz, with the latter being more common due to its high durability and compatibility with flavor use.

4. Opaque Bottom

Opaque bangers are best for people that like to smoke out of a water pipe. These bangers feature an opaque bottom that allows them to be inserted into water. This design prevents the oil from sticking to the banger, creating a more even burn and better taste.

5. Trough

The trough banger is a unique type of banger that offers a more natural and defined taste. It also allows for extra filtration, making it ideal for people who like to take larger dabs.

6. Terp Slurp

The Terp Slurp banger is believed to be designed by, at least in part, someone who had some prior experience with scientific glass. Terp Slurp bangers feature a flat disc with a center contact. This format creates a natural and delicious taste, as well as improved filtration.

Choosing the Right Banger

So which banger is best for you? Well, it all comes down to preference. Someone who enjoys a lot of different flavors might want a trough banger, while someone who prefers smaller dabs would probably do well with a flat top.

An opaque bottomed banger is the perfect choice for people who like to smoke out of a water pipe, and Terp Slurp bangers are ideal for those who enjoy natural and delicious tasting dabs.

Banger Sizes

The next important thing to know about bangers is the size. There are many different sizes of bangers to choose from, with varying levels of heat retention and durability.

Large Bangers

Large bangers are best for people who like taking large dabs. They provide a lot of heat to vaporize a large amount of concentrates, and can retain heat for several minutes. However, they are typically not ideal for people who like to carb their dabs.

Medium Bangers

The medium sized bangers are best for people who like to take smaller dabs. These are also great for people who would like to take dabs like they would smoke a joint. Medium-sized bangers tend to lose heat at a slower rate than large or small sized bangers.

Small Bangers

Small bangers are best for people who like to take a lot of dabs at a time. These bangers provide a lot of heat to vaporize small amounts of concentrates, and can retain heat for several minutes.

For many people, the size of the banger they choose is determined by how they would like to take their dabs. If you're someone who prefers a lot of small dabs instead of one big dab, then you'll probably do best with a medium banger. If you're someone who enjoys taking large dabs, then you might do well with a large banger.

Choosing the right size of banger is important because it can greatly affect the taste and filtration of your dabs!

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