Common Questions About the Dr. Dabber SWITCH

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What are the Key Features of the Dr. Dabber SWITCH?

Dr. Dabber Switch Dab Rig is known for its excellent key features that most vape users are enjoying. For example, its direct energy delivery system which provides superior performance. It does not also require the user to replace atomizers because of its unique design. Moreover, with Switch, you can guarantee the best vaping experience through its preset temperatures and mode settings. It also offers auto cool down to prevent it from overheating, plus its temperature control.

What's the Working Modes of the Switch?

One of the best features of the Dr. Dabber Switch is its various working modes, including standard oil and flower modes, providing five preset temperatures. You can also use the Switch on crystal and an advanced mode, which you can adjust on 25 different heat settings. You can check Dr. Dabber Switch's user manual to navigate it conveniently.

How Do the Temperature Settings Work?

You can adjust your Switch e-rig in various temperature settings, which can range from 300 up to 780 degrees Fahrenheit. You can change the temperature and choose among the 25 different settings. Although you have to make sure to select the appropriate temperature adjustments depending on the type of induction cup you're using.

What is Induction Heating?

The induction system is explained by Dr. Dabber as the system that delivers the energy directly in the rig. In short, the Switch is capable of vaporizing various kinds of materials, whether they are oil or leaf. Its robust design of the induction heating unit provides great performance in transmitting the energy into the induction cup, providing you with a premium-quality experience.

How Long Does the Battery Last and How long to charge?

Dr. Dabber SWITCH is known for having efficient battery life, giving you enough time to enjoy your smoking session. In fact, the average hits when you use the Switch is up to 150 hits before the battery dies. You can also expect the battery to charge quickly as it also comes in with a fast charger. Moreover, once the battery has reached its end, you can easily replace it with a new one.

How Long is the Heating Time when using the Switch?

The Switch is powered by conduction heating which provides an extra fast heating time of 15 seconds. So you can have your herbs or oil ready to smoke as fast as that because they are heated directly.

What is the Vapor Quality of Dr. Dabber Switch?

With Dr. Dabber Switch's unique features and design, the vapor quality is at its finest as long as you adjust its heating temperature appropriately. You'll get the quality of vapor you deserve with Switch, but always consider the type of induction cup you're using and the materials you will smoke.

What is the Capability of the Switch?

You can use Dr. Dabber Switch to heat up any type of materials as the system can support heating dry herbs and concentrates. Although you have to follow the right way of filling the materials in the system to avoid issues. For the dry herbs, it's required to grind them well and that the system is off before you fill them in the system. On the contrary, concentrates are recommended to put in the e-rig after you turn it on.