Heating Your Banger Perfectly & Timing Your Hit


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For beginners, dabbing can be a complicated and frustrating process. Most of them concentrate on understanding the dab rig and all its components completely but forget to pay any attention to heating the banger properly.

Bangers are generally made of quartz, glass, or titanium; each material requiring different heat characteristics. Quartz bangers can be heated to higher temperatures due to their increased durability, but you can't hold the heat as long as with titanium and glass. It's important to take note of these differences before heating your banger.

The Best Dab Hit

The most accurate hitting method begins with the perfect timing. Banger temp is probably the most important factor in achieving this timing. This is because there is a difference between the materials used in most bangers. For instance, quartz bangers can be heated to higher temperatures before it loses its flavor. On the other hand, bangers made from glass or titanium lose their flavor at lower temperatures.

Thanks to technology, there are various methods such as laser temperature guns and infrared thermometers which can be used to measure the temperature of your banger accurately. But if you don't have access to such devices, you can always simply take a hit whenever it feels right. The effects give you an idea about when the banger is ready. If you are not sure about how to go about heating your banger, proceed to take a dab ahead of time.

What Would Happen If Heat Your Banger And Time Your Hits Incorrectly?

There are many reasons why you shouldn't hold the heat for too long. First off, the dab will be way too hot and it'll burn your oil. Furthermore, the material of your banger will burn out after prolonged exposure to high heat and release hazardous toxins into your concentrate which you'll end up consuming.

If you take your hits too quickly, what will happen is that the vapor will be more concentrated than if you had taken it slowly. The more you take in, the hotter your body will get and the effect will be more intense than you'd like it to be.

In the long run, you have a higher risk of becoming tolerant to cannabis and it's quite harmful to your respiratory system.

Generally, timing your hit is an important task while dabbing and it all begins with heating your banger properly. If you happen to lack experience in this area, invest in a laser temperature gun or an infrared thermometer.

What Is The Best Method To Heat Your Banger and Time Your Heat?

The best way to heat your banger is to wait for the entire surface of it to glow red. It is also advised to wait for approximately 30 seconds before you touch the banger to your concentrate. Doing so will allow the surface of the banger to cool down and it'll be less likely that you burn yourself. This is also an excellent method for judging when your banger has reached the perfect temperature to take a dab.

If you are new to dabbing, this is the best method for heating your banger and timing your hit.

It's important to set up your rig first before heating the banger.



The process of heating your banger and timing your hit begins with setting up the rig. The following is a list of steps to do so:

Step 1: Heat up your banger

Heat up your banger with your high-quality torch lighter by holding it over the flame for a few seconds. However, you must remember that there are several factors that influence the heat of your banger. First off, quartz bangers are more durable and can be heated to higher temperatures before losing their flavor. On the other hand, bangers made from glass or titanium lose their flavor at lower temperatures.

The size of the flame on your lighter is also another factor that affects how heat your banger. The wider the flame, the hotter it'll be. Therefore, if you are looking to heat your banger for a longer period of time, use a torch lighter with bigger flames.

Step 2: Apply your dabs to the banger

By the use of your dab tool, carefully apply your dabs to the surface of your banger. The amount you apply to the banger depends on the size of your dab which you can't accurately calculate. The general rule is that a smaller load requires more heat while a larger load requires less heat.

Step 3: You can now take your carb cap and start inhaling

After you heat your banger and apply your dab, it is time to start taking hits with the help of a carb cap. Generally, wait a while before taking a hit so that the surface of your banger can cool down. However, there are some cases when you will have to take a hit immediately after applying your dab.

The best way to take your hit is by inhaling slowly while covering the carb cap with your palm. If you inhale too quickly, the banger will be way too hot and you'll burn your oil.


Heating your banger and timing your hit is not as simple as most people think. A lot of factors come into play which is why it is recommended to try out various methods until you find the one that suits your hitting style.

Remember, practice makes perfect!