How Cannabis Can Help With Stress and Anxiety

Did you know that over 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety every year? The number is intense that you never imagined. With hard-working hours and days, it is easier to experience stress. In other words, stress is an inescapable part of life.

According to stress expert Donald Tubesing, stress is like a spice. It can add flavor to the meal. Too little of it can produce a dull meal. But too much of it can choke you. Donald tried to explain that when people can handle stress, it can improve their overall performance so that they can deal with new challenges. But, when stress overweighs us, it can cause anxiety.

And it is true. When people get stressed, they produce cortisol hormone, which can impair the immune system. Having an impaired immune system is not ideal for health, thus the need for a cure.

Many people consider cannabis helpful to combat anxiety and stress. A survey conducted in 2017 shows that out of 9000 Americans, 81% use cannabis to curb stress and anxiety. But for some, it seems like talking about marijuana worsens their anxiety.

So, what is the truth? Can cannabis help with anxiety and stress? Scroll down and learn more.

Marijuana legalization and rise in popularity

Cannabis has come a long way. Over the past couple of years, cannabis was illegal-whether used, sold, or possessed. As of 2022, over 20 states in the USA have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. More than 37 states have also legalized the medical use of marijuana.

One of the reasons why marijuana has seen a rise in popularity is that many people use it for medical purposes. Those who use marijuana suggest that the drug can be effective for appetite disorders, seizures, headaches, and even conditions such as stress and anxiety.

Apart from smoking, there are plenty of products, including gummies, lotions, and creams, which help people use cannabis in the best suitable way.

Can cannabis relieve anxiety?

For many people, cannabis can deliver profound relaxation after a hard day at work. Some users even claim that a few puffs of cannabis can provoke paranoia. This finding proves that, indeed, cannabis can ease anxiety and stress.

Cannabis contains a vital substance called CBD, which has become a mainstream trend in health and wellness. According to research, CBD can help ease chronic pain in those suffering from arthritis. It can also improve cardiovascular health and battle cancer cells. It is still CBD that helps in relieving stress, anxiety, and even depression.

Federal law allows selling cannabis products with less than 0.3% of THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the natural compounds found in the cannabis plant. According to studies, the combinations of low THC and high CBD are effective for relieving stress. On the other hand, high THC and low CBD can help ease anxiety and depression.

What are the common benefits of medicinal marijuana?

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Many people who use cannabis report an increased sense of calm, better sleep, improved relaxation, and great peace of mind. These are all the things that help reduce stress and anxiety.

Research also proves that marijuana can specifically reduce symptoms of social anxiety, panic disorder, post-traumatic disorder, phobias, and agoraphobia, among others.

What are the best cannabis products for you?

If you are curious about the best product for your anxiety and stress, make an appointment with a local cannabis dispensary near your area. You can find helpful professionals ready to help you.

Tips for safe use

Here are a few things to do to reduce the risks of marijuana worsening your stress and anxiety symptoms.

  • Don't rush. Always start with a low dose. Give it some time to work before using more.
  • If you are just a beginner, start with CBD over THC. Products with a higher ratio of THC tend to worsen the symptoms.
  • Buy cannabis from your local dispensary. Marijuana experts can help you depending on the symptoms you are after to treat. They will also help you find the best type of cannabis to cater to your needs.
  • Speak to your therapist. If you are working with therapists, involve them too. They can offer you additional guidance and evaluate how well the dose is working.


It is safe to say marijuana shows possible benefits in reducing anxiety and stress symptoms. It won't be a complete cure, but many people applaud it that it can help reduce the overall distress.


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