How to Care for Your Quartz Banger & Avoid Chazzing It

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When it comes to your smoking tools, you want to keep them in good condition to make sure that they last as long as possible.

Those who have dabbed before know the specific joys of consuming cannabis product this way, but they also know the challenges that come with it. Dabbing can be immensely enjoyable, particularly if you're hanging out with a friend and they're handling everything.

Those that have never dabbed on their own may not have that experience to guide them when it comes to dabbing solo. You may not even be familiar with 'chazzing', an effect that can happen after dabbing.

The 'chazz effect' is something that happens but not something you want. Allowing chazzing to occur will interfere with your future dabs and the quality of the taste of your extract as you inhale it.

Today we're going to go over some basics of dabbing as well as how you can take good care of your quartz banger and avoid that dreaded chazzing moment. Read on and find out our top quartz banger tips to help you avoid that chazz and keep the good times rolling.

About the Chaz Effect

What is the chaz effect or chazzing in general, you may be wondering? Well, besides the unique moniker, chaz is the term for the resin that is burnt on that can build up on quartz nail tools on the sides and bottom. It makes for a surface that is the opposite of clean, and the harsh presence of the burned resin will certainly get in the way of a pleasant taste and those terpenes hitting your tongue without interference.

If you have glass pipes or other pieces that you use, you're likely already fairly familiar with this concept. A bong or a bowl does not allow for the full imparting of flavor if it is in need of a good cleaning. That resin and after products from butane lighters build up on the glass interior and then communicate their own, slightly burned and off-tasting flavor.

Chazzing simply means that your quartz banger needs to be cleaned if you want the best effect when it comes to dabbing. No one loves the chaz effect, but it's a natural part of dabbing and learning how to clean your quartz bangers the proper way will mean that your set up will stay intact and well-cared for and last you all the much longer, while providing you with quality terp taste that would otherwise be obscured.

Keeping Your Dab Nail From Chazzing

It's important to keep your dab nail from being too chazzed. What to do about it? Read on.

Keep your dabs at a low temperature.

Sure, taking a high temperature dab hit can be like living life in the fast lane. But such practices come with a price. It's best to keep dabs at a low temperature not only for the sake of your equipment but also your body's equipment. Hotter dabs are not only bad news for your gear, but it's also not that great for your sensitive lungs who already provide you with so much.

Avoid lighting the nail until it's way too hot and let the quartz banger help you out. After all, it retains heat for a far longer time than its titanium counterpart. You don't have to go all out and fire up the rig to get the perfect dab. A low-temp dab that reaches anywhere from 500 to 650 degrees Fahrenheit will work, and you don't have to deal with potentially burning yourself or poor consequences from using that much heat.

Be familiar with dabbing and the equipment.

While you do need to heat the quartz nail to get it hot so it can vaporize extract, users that are new to dabbing may think that they need to really torch those nails to get there. You want to find that happy medium of the right time after heating the nail up so it is not overly cool but is not too hot either, risking making your dab harsh.

Experiment with setting a timer so that you can gauge the cool down time and the heating time that is right for your set up and for yourself as well! There are also continuous heat source products out there such as electronic nails that may take the manual guesswork out of your dab game-- never a bad option to have.

Once you have it down, you will save yourself a lot of money and frustration from having to replace nails that have unfortunately chazzed.

Make an effort to clean your nail on a regular basis.

While equipment cleaning and maintenance might not be the most fun thing in the world, it's also the only effective approach to preventing chazzing. Cleaning your quartz banger regularly with a cotton swab is all it takes to remove that resin that is sticking there before it decides that it would like to make your quartz pores its permanent home.

You can find videos and guides online that easily explain how to clean quartz nails and prevent chazzing for more in-depth info! Some basic cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol is all that it will take to reduce that resin gunk. Soak your nail and rig in this alcohol for a few hours until clean to remove impurities that will lead to chazzing.

Purchase Good Quartz

There are many bangers and nails out there, but you want to go with the quartz that is high quality every time. You get what you pay for, so while there are many styles and types, be sure you are buying quartz equipment of the highest standard.

Consider a Cold Start Dab

In this technique, put the extract on the nail and then touch the torch to the banger's bottom until you see the dab starting to bubble. This technique is involved but does prevent chazzing, as does adding in quartz inserts to provide no chazzing thanks to its second player between the nail's bottom and the dab.

Now that you now more, you have an even better chance at having a great dabbing experience. Share our anti-chazzing and quartz banger tips and this article with your friends and enjoy!


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