How To Package and Keep Your Cannabis Fresh

how to properly store your medical marijuana weed


Properly storing cannabis is important to preserve the weed's aroma, taste, and freshness. Although aging of your cannabis is unavoidable, it can be slowed down with the right packaging.

If you only smoke once in a while, there might be times that you're left with dry and withered cannabis, which can be inconvenient. However, if you have the right knowledge of storing your herbs, you won't be able to experience the same problems again.

What are the Factors that Affects the Freshness of Weed

First, it's essential to know the factors that affect the essence of weed to choose the right packaging for them. Because it's not only about the container when we talk about packaging weed. It's also about factors like temperature, air, and moisture. Let's dig deeper about how these elements affect your weed and how you can use this knowledge in packing the cannabis:


Air temperature is one of the factors that you need to consider when packing your cannabis. When the temperature is too hot, the healthy chemical in cannabis, such as cannabinoids and terpenes, will degrade.

Moreover, molds and mildew will likely form when you place the container in a room with a temperature of 77 degrees and higher. It's also the same when you put it in a cold place. It will grow the chance of your weed to age quickly.


Since hotter temperatures can affect the lifespan of your weed, it's given that direct heat from sunlight can also deplete the stability of the herbs. So, it's advantageous if you store them in a dark environment away from direct sunlight.


When it comes to packaging cannabis, the right balance of humidity is the best way to keep them fresh. Too much moisture from your container can result in mold infestation, but the cannabis will dry and wither quickly when it lacks moisture. So, it's essential to know the storage properties whether it produces enough humidity or not.

How to Package Weed

The first step in packaging your cannabis is to choose the container by considering all the above factors. In terms of temperature and light, the best container is tinted or opaque to block UV rays. It will also help the container keep cool to protect the weed from damages.

You should be able to consider packing your weed on an air-tight glass or ceramic jar to avoid getting air inside and ruin the freshness of the cannabis. A mason jar is the best option that you can get, but you can also improvise.

After putting the weed in the sealed container, it's time to store them in a dark, room-temperature place such as in the cupboard, drawers or cabinets. Make sure to close the container every after you get some weed to avoid air from damaging them.

Tips to Keep the Cannabis Fresh

Aside from finding suitable cannabis storage, it will be beneficial if you ensure that the weed you obtain are properly cured. Marijuana curing is the process of preservation of the flavors, aroma, and properties of marijuana through various methods.

Maintaining clean storage is another way to keep your weed fresh since bacteria and other insects can damage cannabis as well. The dust and other particles might also affect the preservation, ensuring clean dust in the storage.

Plastic bags are not recommended, but if no other options are available, sealed bags can suffice. However, you must be more cautious when storing cannabis in plastic bags, such as removing as much air as possible. You can also use vacuum-sealed bags, which are more dependable than standard sealed plastic bags. It's also helpful to keep the bags away from heat, light, and other outside elements.

It is critical to keep your cannabis fresh in order to have a great smoking experience even after a long time. And in order to do so, it must be properly stored in a suitable container, in a cool and clean environment. However, it's essential that you should keep in mind that the aging process of cannabis is unavoidable, which means that it will wither if stored for an extended period of time. So, as much as possible you should get just enough amount of cannabis to prevent storing the excess.