Medical Marijuana for Arthritis Pain

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Arthritis is one of the main causes of disability in the USA. It is mostly characterized by stiffness, chronic pain, swelling, and decreased range of motion.

Being that arthritis is a chronic condition, people who are afflicted by it must find ways to manage it to live a quality life. 

One way of managing the disease is by use of medical marijuana. This drug has gradually gained popularity as one of the preferred ways of managing chronic conditions. Its compounds such as CBD and THC play different roles in relieving arthritis pain. 

Is medical marijuana a natural cure for arthritis?

There are several active medical research geared towards determining the effectiveness of medical marijuana as a remedy for various diseases. Most of these studies are yet to pass the pre-clinical trial stage.

As such, even though there exists a couple of marijuana products in the market, most of them are treated as dietary supplements rather than medicinal products. This is because they have not yet been approved by FDA for use as medicinal products. 

Creaky Joints, an arthritis awareness organization carried out a study on the use of marijuana for arthritis management. Their study revealed that approximately 57% of all arthritis patients in the United States use marijuana to manage arthritis pain. 

Some of these people may have used marijuana extracts in the form of CBD gummies, CBD oil,capsules, or even opted to vape it. Nonetheless, others may have smoked it in its purest form. 

90% of the people who agreed to have used medicinal marijuana to manage arthritis claimed that it significantly reduced the symptoms of arthritis. 

Are there any benefits to using Marijuana?

Marijuana is thought to create some relief for arthritis patients. Some of the benefits they get include:

It reduces inflammation:  Marijuana is a great anti-inflammatory agent. It does this by hindering cell proliferation and suppressing cytokine production. Nonetheless, there is no evidence indicating that marijuana can reduce joint stiffness. 

It reduces anxiety: Arthritis is known to cause anxiety in people who have it. The chronic pain caused by arthritis affects our stress response. If the anxiety is not treated early, it may escalate into depression. 

Arthritis and depression are responsible for numerous disability cases in the United States. People who suffer from both arthritis and depression are usually at high risk of developing serious complications.

Even so, anxiety can be reduced by using CBD and THC. These compounds have psychoactive and therapeutic properties which help in anxiety reduction. For instance, they release dopamine which is responsible for happiness. 

It enables you to sleep better: Many arthritis patients are known to have a hard time sleeping due to the pain they endure. Using marijuana oil for arthritis, especially CBD aids in better sleep. This is because marijuana oils can give users a 'body high' that makes them more relaxed. 

It relieves pain: People with arthritis suffer from pain, mostly on their joints and connective tissues. Using marijuana products like lotions helps manage the pain. This is because it contains phytocannabinoids which interact with the endocannabinoid system to regulate pain.   

How does this affect your health?

Arthritis is a non-discriminatory disease. It affects both young and old people. Recent estimates indicate that approximately three hundred thousand babies suffer from rheumatoid arthritis in the USA. Nonetheless, chances of contracting arthritis increase with age. Moreover, arthritis is more prevalent in women than men. 

Unscientific evidence on the potency of marijuana as a pain remedy for arthritis is encouraging. Nonetheless, remember that it is not a medically prescribed drug. Therefore, you should only use it as a supplement to your prescribed arthritis drugs. 

Be sure to inform your doctor when you decide to use medical marijuana to remedy pain and other symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. The doctors will guide you on how to balance your medicine and marijuana. If your body is responding well to the medicine, they may advise you to stick exclusively to your medication. 

Nonetheless, suppose you are allergic to arthritis medication, they may advise you to solely use marijuana as your arthritis remedy. Bottom line, remember to take heed to their advice to improve your health status.