Top 7 Benefits of Cannabis

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Many people see cannabis from the negative side. But the truth is cannabis hosts a lot of benefits than you can fathom. Just as the products in the cannabis industry keep evolving, the benefits of consuming increase, too. While many states have decriminalized the use of marijuana, studies have proven that cannabis is healthy for those who use it. 

This article will clear away your negative thoughts about marijuana and highlight some of the seven health benefits you didn't know.

1. Helps To Reduce Stress and Pain

Marijuana can help reduce stress and give your body the break it deserves. Nothing can alleviate stress better than using cannabis. After your hard-working hours, take a hand-rolled joint and unwind your day. Reading books and watching TV shows can also help, but they are nothing more than making you feel less stressed. With marijuana, your stress can completely go away.

Also, there has been a debate on using marijuana for pain management, which has left many cluttered. The truth is that people experiencing different pain issues have found that cannabis helps them to recover more than other methods they have tried.

It is also worth mentioning that people who consume cannabis are more likely to experience intense highs than those who smoke it. This means that cooking medical marijuana will help alleviate pain and provide a more effective relief that can last for periods.

Another benefit that is worth shouting about is the power to manage chronic pain. Cannabis contains effective components that react to the body's anandamide to reduce chronic pain such as migraines, arthritis, back pains, etc. Simply say, cannabis is a perfect alternative for those who want to avoid painkillers.

2. Promotes Relaxation and Reduces Anxiety

According to statistics, more than 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety. If you have ever experienced anxiety, you understand how debilitating it is. Luckily, cannabis is here to help.

A preclinical study has proven that cannabis can effectively help deal with generalized anxiety disorder, panic, and post-traumatic stress disorder. However, if you want to use cannabis as an effective solution for dealing with anxiety, starting off with a small dosage is a good idea. Also, consider taking CBD than THC. Smoking a high concentration of THC can overly make you high and sometimes anxious.

Marijuana can also promote relaxation. Study shows that cannabis helps clear the focus away from stress, helping the body get into the right state of mind.

3. Helps To Deal with Inflammation and Muscle Tension

Inflammation is frustrating and can cause several health problems such as headaches, joint pains, and more. Cannabis can help to reduce inflammation, thanks to THC compounds. A study conducted by the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research shows that cannabis has the power to reduce neuropathic pain and inflammation. The anti-inflammatory impacts of marijuana play a vital role in shifting your body towards speed recovery.

If you are feeling tense, cannabis is an ideal way to melt it away. According to studies, the THC contained in cannabis is a muscle relaxant. So, after yoga and you feel tight, find a perfect spot and enjoy some cannabis.

4. Helps To Reduce Nausea and Seizures

Nausea is the most common affliction of why most people buy marijuana. In fact, cannabis is clinically proven to reduce nausea and induce appetite. There are several studies on cannabis' effectiveness in reducing vomiting and nausea in both animals and humans. A few years back, the University of Guelph found that the manipulation of the ECS can effectively control nausea. The only downside with edibles is they take about 90 minutes before they start working. But if you can know when to anticipate them, taking cannabis can help prevent nausea.

You may have heard of cases that depict people with seizures being treated using cannabis. In fact, CBD products can dramatically reduce seizures or stop them completely. Several types of research have proved the effectiveness of cannabis in reducing seizures. A recent study showed that cannabis could positively impact treating epilepsy and reduce symptoms of seizures.

5. Helps In Body Weight Management

Did you know using medical marijuana can make you thinner or reduce obesity? A study by the journal obesity showed that regular cannabis consumers are less likely to be obese as opposed to non-users. 

Another research by the Conference of Quebec University tested 700 people aged 18-74 years and found that marijuana users tend to have reduced body mass index. Surprisingly, the researchers find out that marijuana users consume tons of calories but weigh less. 

The idea is; that you can use cannabis as part of your healthy lifestyle and maintain your healthier BMI. Even better, people with low BMI are less likely to suffer from certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

6. Helps You Stay Focused and Mindful

People who use cannabis tend to focus on the present. Many people use marijuana to enhance mindful attention. If it is about watching TV shows or taking a walk at the park, cannabis helps you focus on things that can make each moment count.

7. It Can Help Fight Cancer

The National Cancer Institute has finally admitted that cannabis is effective in helping curb cancer. And this is true because CBD has been proven to reduce the impacts of chemotherapy.

On the official U.S government website, the government has also admitted the power of cannabis to kill cancer cells. Several studies have also backed up the effectiveness of cannabis in fighting cancer. One clinical study on animals found that the cannabinoid substances in THC can eliminate cancer cells. Another study also proved that CBD could prevent the growth of cervical cancer cells.

The Bottom Line

We hope you are now wiser when it comes to the weed industry. Apart from these seven benefits, more are still being researched and tested. So, stay tuned as we continue to learn more about the benefits of marijuana and how it can help us live healthily.


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