What are Indica Strains Used For?

 Traditionally, there were only two marijuana strains, namely indica and sativa. However, as the plant’s popularity and global virus rises, more strains, most of them crossbreeds of indica and sativa, have come up. Still, the two traditional strains remain undefeated as far as market share is concerned. 

Today, we will highlight the indica strain and establish the type of people who use it. But before that, let’s define what indica is.

medical marijuana indica strain benefits


What is Indica?

Indica is, as mentioned earlier, a family of marijuana plants that has distinct features in terms of size, shape of the leaves, and effects on the body. For one, indica plants are generally shorter than sativa and also tend to have broader leaves. In terms of effects on users, indicas are known to give a sedating feeling, known as “body high,” as opposed to the “brain high” effect of the sativa strains.

Who uses Indica Strains?

Indicas have relatively higher concentrations of CBD and lower THC levels, which brings about a sedative effect on a general level. The more specific effects of the strain include:

  • Sleepiness 
  • Physical relaxation
  • Calming feeling
  • Pain relief

There are lots of people looking to experience the above effects, and many others who already use indica to great benefits. Indica strains can be particularly helpful when recovering from strenuous activities such as marathon running and rock climbing. People who experience chronic pain can also benefit from the sedating properties of the plant. 

Some users also find that indica-dominant strains help them disconnect from their lives (and reality) for a while, which is often a very welcome thing after a hectic week. This effect is more pronounced when you use the heavier indicas, such as Purple

Kush and Skywalker OG.

Since they affect the body more than the sativas, indicas are quite popular among insomniacs, as their calming effect often leads to sleepiness. What more, this relaxing sensation increases with the amounts consumed, usually leading to a type of feeling called a “couchlock” or “bedlock.” These two mean essentially the same thing - a strong sensation of being stuck to a couch or bed. When the body achieves this kind of relaxation, the brain takes the cue and subsequently goes to sleep. So next time you need to catch up on your beauty sleep but can’t seem to fall asleep, consider taking a roll, or two of an indica, and you will be sorted!