What are Percolators and How do They Help?

If you are an avid bong smoker, you are probably familiar with the idea of a percolator. Chances are you’ve seen one, even if you haven't smoked through one yet. So what are percolators, and why are they important?  

A percolator is an extra water chamber added to the main shaft of a bong tube. Although percolators come in various shapes and sizes, they essentially function the same way. The following are some of the reasons why percolators are popular among individuals who imbibe on weed through bongs. 

benefits of percolators in glass bongs

They Provide Extra Filtration for Smoke

Passing marijuana smoke through a percolator removes most of the combustion byproducts, resulting in a smoother and less harsh smoke that is easier on the lungs. If you tend to cough a lot when taking bong hits, a percolator can be particularly helpful in this regard. 

They Help Cool the Smoker

Percolators are very effective when it comes to cooling the smoke. This makes the smoke less harsh, and allows you to take large bong hits without coughing. 

Does a Percolator Affect the Potency of Weed?

There is a general perception that smoking through a bong with a percolator can reduce the potency and flavor of weed. Although this is true, the reason for it is much more nuanced than you may think. Generally, the active compounds in weed are not soluble in water. Therefore, what reduces the high is not the filtration itself, but the residue that collects inside the walls of the percolator glass. Nevertheless, this loss is very negligible, and the quality of smoke is still considered very good. 

How Does a Percolator Affect my Bong Hits

As we mentioned earlier, the purpose of a percolator in a bong is to filter and cool smoke. Frequent bong users will agree that the quality of smoke is significantly better than smoking from a regular wood pipe. This makes it possible to take large bong hits without choking on the smoke, or irritating your throat and lungs. 

Does it Matter Which Percolator I Choose?

Bong percolators come in an array of shapes, sizes and designs. If you are shopping for a bong, you may be overwhelmed by numerous options. In light of this, you may be wondering whether the type of percolator you choose makes a difference.

In a certain way, it matters because different styles of percolators are designed to filter smoke in different ways. Each percolator has its unique way of filtering smoke before it is passed through the mouth of the bong. However, it also does not matter very much, given the fact that all the various types of percolators perform the same task.

Therefore, when shopping for your next bong, you should go for the one that matches your preference and budget. 

A Final Word

If you are looking for a way to improve the quality of your bong hits, then getting a water bong percolator is an investment worth making. These extra water chambers are super useful when it comes to filtering smoke, hence making it less harsh for the throat. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned bong smoker, a percolator is something everyone can benefit from.