What are Quartz Nails?

Quartz nails are often taken for glass because they're clear. However, these nails are actually much stronger than glass. You can tell whether a nail is glass or quartz by putting a flame up to the nail. Do this until it turns red and then dunk into cold water. If it's glass, it will crack. If it's quartz, it should remain intact.

These nails are composed of the clear crystal silicon dioxide. The crystal is noted for its strength and it can stand up to very high temperatures and heat. Quartz nails are most frequently utilized as dab rig tools to take cannabis oil concentrates and vaporize them. Nails can be made out of titanium and ceramic, but quartz is more durable and reliable. Dabbing has become popular enough in the cannabis community that there are specialized tools designed to work with materials such as cannabis oil, and quartz are the most popular types of these nails sold on the market right now.

Should I Buy Colored or Clear Quartz?

Clear quartz looks nice and is the standard quartz used in nails. However, colored options exist and are a nice variation on the original. Fused quartz makes up the classic 'clear quartz', made out of mineral rock that has been crushed and then melted at high temperatures. Colored quartz is made using the same process, but with non-toxic minerals added for color. They're both safe to use so choose whichever you like better as there is no real difference other than coloring.

Why Are Quartz Nails Preferable?

Quick to Heat and Use

These nails heat up more quickly than other nails can, ready with just five to ten seconds' worth of heat. They're also going to break less easily than nails made up of other materials. While heat retention can go quickly, it's just as easy to quickly reheat these nails.

You'll see that the nail's hot and ready to be used when red flecks appear. Don't put too much heat and keep going or it will burn the oil when it's touched to it, and your concentrate might liquidate in the process. The more that you practice and use these nails, the more experience you'll have getting it just right.

Better Taste

These nails allow for good taste with dabbing. Season the quartz before using and torch it to sterilize it before putting it into play for the first time. Once you get used to the technique, you'll come to truly appreciate the superior taste and quality of the oil.

Strong and Unlikely to Break

These nails just aren't going to break as easily as other nails due to their strong composition. Just remember that quartz nails can be of poor quality if made by unverified manufacturers and can contain impurities such as aluminum and make sure you buy from reputable vendors.

Keeping Nails Clean and Maintained

Make sure the nail is cooled from the session and back to room temp before attempting to clean. Soak a q-tip in rubbing alcohol and use it to swap the quartz, moving it in circular motions all around and applying light pressure to remove any buildup that remains. Then wipe clean with a damp paper towel with cool water to remove any residue and make sure that it's sparkling clean.

It's recommended to clean the nail out in between every dab session for best results. Quick clean by heating the nail's bowl until vapor comes out, blowing through the joint side until the vapor has burned off entirely and the nail is clean.

These nails have become popular thanks to a rise in interest when it comes to dabbing and a desire for high-quality tools to dab with. Quartz nails are prized for their ability to heat up quickly and provide a superior taste in the process. Check them out for yourself and discover why so many people are buying them today!