What is a Carb Cap?


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When it comes to dabbing accessories, a carb cap is absolutely essential. First released in 2013, it makes dabbing at low temperatures more ideal and effective that achieves a tastier and smoother experience that wouldn't happen without it otherwise.

How does Carb Cap work?

A carb cap, as explained above, is used to make the dabbing experience much more favorable to the inhaler. It is a tool that is available in all sorts of colors, shapes, styles, and sizes and it has so many heat-resistant qualities like quartz, titanium, and glass. Plus, carb caps are sealed on the bucket on a banger after the dab has been placed inside.

Furthermore, it maximizes the convection and airflow of the vapor from which cannabis oil is made. Its temperatures are made as low as possible to achieve the most soothing effects for you!

Benefits of using Carb Caps

Carb caps improve the dabbing experience by making the dab much more enjoyable to use and taste with its terpene-rich qualities. Here are the biggest advantages of using carb caps:

It improves airflow and control

Carb caps make for good air circulation by directing air through the cap and limiting the nails going inside the device. Caps can cause some pressure to be placed in a nail's bucket where if it drops it will decrease the boiling point of the solution.

Retains heat

Carb caps are integral to maintaining the temperature of the nail where inexperienced users will enjoy since higher temperatures tend to become detrimental to preserving the cannabis.

Dabbing at low temperatures can retain the flavor and aroma where you can enjoy the experience much better.

It reduces wastes

Because it can retain heat so well, it's easier to ensure that every bit of dab is a bit out of concentration. This means that there will even be less oil that will be wasted at the bottom of the nail, and it can also make your vape last longer.

Some more innovative and newer models of carb caps facilitate better directional airflow systems where you can dab more efficiently to enjoy the whole experience on a different level than before.

The different types of Carb Caps

Here are the different types of carb caps that you should try:

Directional Airflow Carb Cap

Sometimes called the spinner cap, it has a carb hole wherein you can angle the tube all the way down the cap. It creates the best seal around the nail where if you rotate it, helps direct the oil all the way around the dabbing surface for a much-improved vaporization chamber.

Bubble Carb caps

This type of carb cap provides users with the best control over their airflow systems because of a larger carb stem that's designed to look like a ball-and-socket. This is suitable for flat or top nails.

Universal Carb Caps

Universal Carb Caps have hollower domes than the typical caps in order to fit any shaped nails on it. It is meant to become more versatile for all types of users who use different types of nails to diversify the experience. This is one carb cap that you should own on top of the others.



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