What is a Terp Slurper?

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The business of legal cannabis involves continued innovation. New devices are coming up every year to accommodate consumer habits, especially since those in the industry constantly explore new methods. For example, the terp slurper is a device that has achieved popularity because of the allure it brings to vaporization.

The Art of Dabbing

When one is starting out in the world of cannabis or CBD, it can be daunting to take in all the new information regarding proper consumption. Dabbing is one of the most straightforward ways to begin a journey with CBD products simply because it involves inhalation. The process consists of the use of concentrated products to take in the CBD vapor.

The products involved in dabbing are called dabs, and they have also achieved consistent sales in the market. Tools to make the process of hash oil consumption include the dab straw, which is the most popular apparatus for the activity. To use this, one must gently place the tip of the straw (which is made out of glass) into the oil. Then, they inhale the vapor from the other end.

In addition, the dab rig is a glass pipe that is placed on tabletops. Sometimes, they are also made from other materials such as porcelain, plastic, or silicone. They look like bongs and other pipes and function similarly to a dab straw. Users may also complement their dab rigs with "bangers" or accessories such as dome, caps, or buckets. These help the rigs look more fashionable to others.

Innovation Through the Terp Slurper

The terp slurper brings new life to tried and tested ways of dabbing. Although accessories such as buckets have been around for quite some time, the terp slurper helps reduce wasted CBD products. It is composed of an additional tube attached to a skillet or tray. The tube has small slits at the bottom to enable air to flow freely as the user inhales.

This process creates a reaction that filters the wax. Alongside domes or caps, the response allows oil to continue moving around the heated area. More vapor gets inhaled because the product is protected from burning.

The terp slurper boasts an unconventional design that makes the most out of a person's supply of CBD products. Even in doses that are larger in quantity, the excess product is not wasted through the prevention of burning. The dish of the slurper also has slits that facilitate airflow and promote flavor.

Purchasing and Caring for a Terp Slurper

In buying a terp slurper, the essence is the same as shopping for other dabbing accessories. However, it is vital to account for the appropriate adapter for a dab rig to match the shape and size. The last thing a buyer wants is to return or replace the product because it cannot be used with their devices. For sanitation and safety, cleaning with alcohol is also advised after using the slurper.

It is also not recommended to put hash oil on a glowing red accessory because of toxic fumes. Doing so will cause burning and damage to the terp slurper.

A terp slurper is one purchase recommended for any CBD product user. It promotes both safety and flavor, a feat that many other dabbing products cannot achieve at the same time.