What Is Marijuana Kief?

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Marijuana kief is arguably the most famous. It has been used for many years as a method of consuming cannabis. But what is exactly kief?

If you have been into cannabis plants, you are more likely to notice some thick coating of trichomes surrounding the plants. These crystals tend to leave behind dust when touched. But when harvested in large volumes, they appear like a powder. Or, have you ever noticed some residues on your hands after touching cannabis? That is kief.

Kief Explained

The cannabis plant is surrounded by trichomes that cover the buds. These are crystal powder-like particles containing CBD, THC, terpenes, and other substances. When trichomes dry and fall off, they become kief. In other words, kief is pollen.

In most cases, kief appears dark in color. But, sometimes, you can find them ranging from brown to gold. Since kief is extremely potent, if consumed properly, can help enhance your smoking experience to another level.

Can Kief Get Smokers Higher?

The short answer is yes. Kief packs additional plant matters that can elevate you high than marijuana buds. In fact, cannabis kief contains up to 80% THC than flower buds, which have between 30-35% THC. Some people also say that they can receive higher percentages of potent, especially with the right kief-sifting techniques.

How to Extract Kief Using a Kief Catcher

To extract kief from a marijuana flower, you need a kief catcher, especially 3 or 4 piece one. Once the weed is grounded up in a weed grinder, trichomes break off into the bottom chamber, where there are stored as kief. Collecting kief will take time, usually a week or sometimes months. To obtain kief, unscrew the bottom chamber and scoop it out. Thankfully, some grinders are equipped with special scrapers to help you scoop out the kief.

How to Collect Kief: Screen Method

In this method, you need a silk screen like those used in cloth printing. You can order online or find them at your local art store. Silkscreens are rated by lines per inch (LPI). To collect kief, you need a screen ranging between 80-270 LPI. So, it is good to invest in larger screens, especially if you want to harvest high-quality kief.

That said, add finely ground over the screen and press it gently using a credit card, gift card, etc. Sift your ground into a container to collect your kief. Ensure you pack your kief in an airtight container to preserve its potency and quality.

How to Remove Kief from a Grinder Screen

Kief leftovers are frustrating. They can make your grinder look untidy. If your grinder has a kief clogged screen, there are several ways to remove it out of the chamber. For instance, the freezer method. Put your kief clogged grinder into a freezer to break off trichomes. The idea is that trichomes in a freezer become brittle. Although this process is time-consuming, the benefits are worth it.

What to Do After Collecting Kief at the Bottom of the Grinder?

Once you have sifted your kief into the bottom chamber, it is time to smoke it. Some people sprinkle it into a bowl of cannabis to amplify the potency. Others sprinkle it into a joint. If you love the traditional style, make a hash from kief. You can also make moon rocks, press rosins, or add potency to the cannabutter with kief.

Is Kief Right For You?

Kief is a natural way of consuming marijuana buds, so it is not dangerous. You can notice that you enjoy using them in several different ways. You will also be delighted to add them to other cannabis products.


Simply put, smoking kief is a bunch of fun and excitement. This is especially true for those who don't want to sit between 30-35% of THC but want to stay at 70% THC and above. This means that kief offers a much stronger impact than other smoked materials. Kief will also give you an excellent mix of substances such as terpenes, and cannabinoids, among others. Many veteran smokers suggest that kief offers a narcotic effect that is good for bedtime. Now that you know the right way to harvest, refine, and smoke kief, you are a kind of kief chief.


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